Project Gasore Meeting in Athens Report


A successful Project Gasore meeting was held in Athens at Epsamy on 6th-8th December 2013.  EGL is one seven organsations across Europe involved in this partnership project. Ian Merrison, from Eldonian Group Ltd, attended with Sally Croughan, from Sefton Children’s Services, from the UK.

Project Gasore looks at best practice across Europe to assist those who:

– were made redundant for economic reasons, especially in disaster areas,
– had an accident or had been sick for a long time,
– had a nervous breakdown,
– need to return to work due to financial or family matters (example : mothers who have raised their children have had a life-accident (illness, redundancy and so forth).

Each of the seven partners at the meeting presented a model of best practice with a practial demonstration of how it would work.

For more information about Gasore please visit or visit the project website –