Eldonian Energy Partnership

EEPAt EGL we are committed, passionate and driven towards placing Liverpool at the forefront of green energy and reduced carbon emissions across the country. As a social business with strong community ties, EGL are motivated by the regeneration of the community and ensuring social impact in all work that we do.

Eldonian Energy Partnership is a joint venture between EGL, E.ON and Peel Utilities and will bring to life a combined heat and power (CHP) energy centre and district heating network (DHN)- the first of its kind in the UK to be led by a social enterprise.

The partnership will design, develop and deliver the energy centre which will provide heat and energy to businesses and homes within the area. The energy centre will act as a catalyst for further regeneration across North Liverpool and will deliver on social impact in terms of creating 180 local jobs, including significant apprenticeship opportunities, ensuring training and educational opportunities, and working towards alleviating fuel poverty within the community.

EEP logo

The development of EEP has been met with enthusiasm from across the city and is supported by Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Vision. EEP will work towards helping communities live within ecological means, providing a scalable model which has the potential to expand and develop across the wider region and the country.

It is our aim to take sustainable regeneration to the next level.